If you love to treat your cat when he does something good, this blog is for you. Many cats love a delicious treat from time to time, but there are some harmful ingredients in some of the most popular cat treats that you should know about.

Let’s just pick apart the ingredient list for the most popular cat treat on the market. This is a “tuna flavored” cat treat. I won’t mention the brand name, but they are very tempting to cats. đŸ˜‰

Ingredients are:

Chicken By-Product Meal – pieces of a chicken that’s not fit for human consumption
Ground Corn – grains
Animal Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols) – fat from some type of animal… could be roadkill
Brewers’ Rice – starch
Wheat Flour – starch
Dried Meat By-Products – pieces of some type of animal not fit for human consumption… most likely roadkill
Natural Flavors – materials treated with heat, enzymes and/or acids to form concentrated natural flavors
Brewers’ Dried Yeast – amino acids, vitamins, minerals
Potassium Chloride – balances acid and alkaline levels
Salt – salt
Caramel Color – food coloring (scary)

The list continues to the typical vitamin & mineral pack, but has anyone noticed that this tuna flavored treat has no tuna or even fish for that matter in it?

Treating Your Cat

If you were to treat your cat with this popular snack you’ll be feeding some very questionable ingredients. Starting from the top, we’ve got terms like “animal” and “meat” as well as by-products. We all know that chicken by-products are the left over pieces of the chicken that isn’t fit for human consumption. However, ingredients such as animal or meat could be anything.

You could be giving your kitty treats with dead racoons, possums or even horses in them.

So fast forward to the caramel color and this is already known to be toxic to pets. Food coloring is for people, not for our cats. Do you think your cat cares what color their treats are? These color dyes are reported causing health issues like cancer, tumors, thyroid issues, etc.

Please read the ingredients in your cats treats before feeding them and try treating your cat with something that’s more healthful yet equally delicious.


Recommended Healthy Treat for your Cat


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