We love to treat our kitties and they love to be treated. Whether you’re teaching them tricks or luring them from an unwanted behavior, cat treats are a great way to reward our kitties. However, it’s important to understand what it is we’re feeding them in those treats.

I get it… treats aren’t always meant to be healthy. Humans eat candy, cookies or something else sweet for a treat and it’s rarely good for us. So long as we don’t do this every day we should be fine, right? Well, if those cookies have toxins in them that cause cancer we might rethink our sweet treat options.

The same should go for our cats. In fact, the ingredients in our cat’s treats are often even more important because they consume more treats than most of us do. Think about it, how often do you eat cookies and candy? And how often do you give your cat treats? See.

Now I’m not saying that a treat of cheese or milk once in a blue moon is going to kill your cat. However, many popular cat treats contain well-known cancer causing carcinogens like food coloring dyes or BHT/BHA. There have been reports of popular treat brands recalling their products due to their treats causing illness or death. Please read the ingredients before giving your cat treats.

Since cats are obligate carnivores, their bodies were made to consume meat. Meat treats are, therefore, a great way to offer them something that is not only delicious, but also good for their bodies. A inexpensive way to treat your kitty is by dehydrating chicken, beef or turkey in the oven and using this as a treat. Single ingredient treats are healthy and safe!


Healthy, Delicious Treats for Cats


Minnow Munchies for Cats



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