What Do Cats Remember?

Have you ever gazed into your kitties eyes and wondered – What do cats remember? If you spend any amount of time around cats, you already know they’re smart. Cats regularly display the ability to problem solve, understand language, and make decisions. But...

Are You Feeding Your Cat Too Much?

We humans tend to associate large meals with happy bellies, but cats are not humans and large meals are not what they were designed to eat. If you’re feeding your cat as you would your family members, this blog is for you. First, let’s establish that cats...

Is Your Senior Cat Losing Weight?

Senior kitties sometimes have what Dr. Karen Becker DVM calls “shrinking kitty syndrome”. If you have a senior cat losing weight, this is the blog for you. Just like humans, when cats enter the later years of life the body begins to slow down and even...

Help For Cats That Sleep Too Much

Contrary to popular belief, cats that sleep all day and night without any interactive time are stressed out. It’s true that it’s normal for most cats to sleep 14-16 hours per day, but they should be active when they aren’t resting. If your kitty is...
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