Some research shows that certain breeds of cats live longer than others. While we are not well versed in feline breeds, reading about this in The Spruce was interesting – so we wanted to share.

It’s important to note that your cat will not live the longest life possible just because of her breed. While certain breeds of cats may have a better shot at living a long life, there are many factors that play into longevity for our kitties. Diet, stress regulation, refraining from over-vaccination and over-medicating as well as supplemental support is key to a longer, healthier life for all cats. Our favorite breed of cat is a rescue, and some of our kitties have lived 20+ years. 🙂

So, according to this article, the Siamese breed of cat lives the longest – with and average lifespan of 12-20 years. The only illness this breed is prone to is dental and respiratory, and we know that we can remedy this with proper nutritional prevention and regular dental checkups. We were excited to hear this news because our youngest black kitties are said to have Siamese in them (and we want them to live to be 40).

Next on the list is Burmese kitties. As a cross with Siamese, this breed is said to live an average of 16-18 years. They are prone to glaucoma, but again, this can be remedied with proper supplemental preventative care. Usually. These kitties are so freaking cute.

The third longest lived kitty is the Savannah cat at an average of 12-20 years and with no health issues that are breed specific. Our friends have a Savannah cat, however, and they can be a handful! They sure are the coolest looking kitties though!

The Actual Longest Lived Cats

The longest lived cats thus far, according to the Guiness Book Of World Records, were mixed-breed rescues and lived to be 34 and 38 years of age. They were both owned by the same man, Jake Perry, and they had a great life. They were fed fresh human food and lived a fairly stress free life.

We’re looking to break that record with our kitties, as now we know more about how to help them live the happiest, healthiest and longest lives possible!

What was your oldest cat? Comment below and let us know!



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