Many cat parents are under the assumption that you should feed your cat the same thing, every day, furrever. Some veterinarians even help spread this myth. Does this really make sense though? If you feed your cat the same type of food for every meal, this cat tip is for you.

Why You Should Feed Your Cat A Variety Of Quality Foods

  1. Diversity in the diet ensures that your cats are getting more of the nutrients they need. For instance, if you were to eat an egg salad sandwich for lunch today it will provide your body with some great nutrients and fuel. But if you were to ONLY eat the same egg salad sandwich for EVERY meal, your body will be missing some key nutrients that it doesn’t receive from this sandwich. The same goes for our cats. Feeding one diet might be nutritious for them, but it likely isn’t providing every type of nutrient their bodies need. If you feed your cat a variety, you’re providing more nutrition.
  2. Cats living in the wild do not eat the same meals each day. Their bodies tell them that they need diversity in their diet, so they will eat different rodents, insects, reptiles (like lizards), etc. for nutrition. What this tells us is that our cats were designed to eat a variety of foods.
  3. Felines who are fed the same protein over a prolonged period of time can develop an allergy to that meat. This is especially common with fish and chicken. Even though some cats are picky about the type of meat they eat, we must rotate the proteins often in order to ensure they don’t become allergic.

Not only does a variety of food make mealtime more enjoyable for both humans and cats, it’s also very important to diversify our foods for overall health. We purchase a variety of different quality brands with a variety of different protein options as well as make our own cat food at home to diversify our kitties’ diets the best we can.


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