If there’s one thing every cat lover knows, it’s that cats are one of the most incredible companions we can have in this life. They can also be the easiest to take care of. You can go for a weekend trip and not worry for their safety or health. Just throw a little extra dry food into their bowls and they’ll be fine. Do you know, however, what’s actually IN the dry food that you’re leaving out for your cats? Or, better yet, do you know what’s MISSING from the dry food you give them? Once you learn what our cat food lacks, you’ll understand why cats need nutritional supplements added to their meals.

When the cat food industry began, back in the 1900s, the proteins and other ingredients were made from fresh, living, whole sources. But over time – as with all big business – the money became more important than the ingredients in the food. It’s much more profitable for a company to pick up road kill and cook it into cat food than for them to raise a farm or pay for fresh ingredients. Sounds gross, I know. But the truth isn’t always pretty.

I won’t go into the gruesome details about the horrible ingredients in your cat’s food just yet, even though it really is the main reason that cat food is lacking the nutrients needed for kitties to live long healthy lives. My focus today is on what’s NOT in your cats’ food bowl – and why they will live longer, healthier and happier lives if you supplement their nutrition.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, so as to not deter any of my readers who suffer from the same A.D.D. problems I have.

All animals, including cats, require 6 classes of nutrients: Protein, Water, Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Energy. The issue with main stream commercial cat food (and that includes foods that you buy at your vet’s office) is the lack of nutrients included. The federal laws require that every pet food provide the basic requirements, which is basically the vitamins and minerals that will keep cats alive. What the law doesn’t require is cat food that contains nutrients to give cats quality of life.

So the big pet food companies give our cats the minimum of what is required – and no more. There are better, smaller, less-known companies that DO put more into their cat foods, but even these foods are still sent through the same (albeit better) processing program when being manufactured. And all processed foods lack basic essential nutrients that give our cats the quality of life we want for them. This is why our cats need nutritional supplements – and we give them to our babies every. single. day.

This is also why our cats have a great quality of life – and you can see it the moment you meet them.

Nutritional supplements add back into our cats’ diets what they don’t get from eating these processed foods. By supplementing their diets, they are getting more of a ‘real-life-scenario’ of a diet they would get if they were out hunting their own food and letting their bodies tell them what they need. Live, metabolic and digestive enzymes are missing from EVERY dry or canned food we give our pets. These enzymes are the building blocks their bodies’ need to live longer and healthier lives. And vitamin C? Most cats are deficient in vitamin C. The lack of these simple-to-add nutrients are why their life spans have drastically declined.

So, do cats need nutritional supplements? Yes. They need them more than you know. And you’ll thank yourself for giving it to them when you see that you are able to spend many more years with them.


Nutritional Supplements for Your Cat


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