Here’s the thing. There is a place and a need for veterinary medicine. We’ve all been grateful to have our vet prescribe a medication that quickly fixed our cat’s issue. But are we over medicating cats by asking for a quick fix each time we visit the vet?

Felines are not fully domesticated animals and their bodies aren’t designed to process and use chemicals as much as humans (sometimes) can. The ultimate side effect of looking only to chemical meds for our kitties is a shorter lifespan.

You’ve likely seen the online video of a cat having seizures after taking a flea medication. It’s awful. You probably know that chemical medications come with risk of side effects. We rarely think about the risk of over medicating cats, yet little-by-little that’s what we could be doing.

Since the chemicals we put into our cats’ bodies have to be processed by their liver and kidneys, it’s important for us to understand what this does to our kitties. Over time, chemically medicating our cats can lead to degeneration of these vital organs. Consequently, this is one of the reasons why kidney failure is a leading cause of death in our feline friends. All chemical medications have a long term side effect of some sort. It’s up to us to know what these side-effects are and how the medications will affect our kitties.

We are not here to bash veterinary medicine. Like I said, there is absolutely a place, time and real need for it. Rather, we want to encourage more conversation with vets. Ask about possible side effects. Ask your veterinarian if they know of an alternative approach. Look for a second opinion if you are in doubt. Think about the necessity for chemicals in your cat’s specific situation.

In conclusion, there are alternatives to chemical medications that can treat many common ailments our cats face. Most noteworthy is that the natural approach doesn’t come with side effects and won’t shorten a cat’s lifespan. Using natural treatments is the safest way of treating and preventing disease and illness in cats.


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