Why Is My Cat Shedding So Much?

Why Is My Cat Shedding So Much?

It seems out of nowhere – you notice your cat shedding a LOT of fur. What’s going on? Is something wrong? Is this normal? It depends. It’s totally normal and healthy for cats to shed all year long. However, if you notice your cat suddenly loosing...
3 Steps To Cure Feline Acne

3 Steps To Cure Feline Acne

Feline acne is one of those strange conditions that tend to plague many cats. When I hear the term acne I think about being in grade school and having several pimples pop up in one area of my face. This is fairly similar to our kitties, however, a cat’s acne...

Dangerous Flea Products To Avoid

Many cat parents are unaware of the dangerous flea products that are out on the market. Many of these products are even vet recommended. The vast majority of commercial flea products (topical and internal) use isoxazoline compounds or fipronil based pesticides....

Topical Dangers For Your Cat

Us humans often apply all kinds of stuff to our skin without worry. While there are topical dangers that we should be concerned about, we aren’t ingesting these topical products like our cats do. Cats groom themselves around 30-50% of their waking hours. When...
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