Feline acne is one of those strange conditions that tend to plague many cats. When I hear the term acne I think about being in grade school and having several pimples pop up in one area of my face. This is fairly similar to our kitties, however, a cat’s acne looks more like dirt on the face that can’t be washed away.

Cats tend to develop this condition in their middle age and it is not specific to gender or breed. The hair follicles get clogged and form these blackhead looking bumps around the chin area. This can turn into red itchy bumps if left untreated. Some kitties will scratch them until they bleed. We don’t want this to happen, so it’s good to catch this early.

What Causes Feline Acne?

Although the medical field doesn’t have a specific known “cause” for feline acne, we’ve found that it is typically triggered by a bacterial issue. Your first thought might be to run and get antibiotics, but please don’t. Because they can’t extract bacteria for a culture, you could be doing more damage than good by just giving your cat any antibiotic. There are better ways to help our kitties through this without destroying their gut flora.

3 Steps To Treat Cat Acne At Home

  1. Step one is to find the trigger or triggers. Again, we’ve found that the issue is bacterial, so look for ways in which your cat’s face is exposed to bad bacteria. Plastic feeding and water dishes are a very common trigger for feline acne. Even “BPA free” plastic is not good for our kitties to eat and drink from. Plastic is a cesspool for bacterial build up. Even washing the plastic bowls daily won’t fix the bacterial issue that can cause chin acne on your cats. Look for areas in which your cat likes to rub her face as well. This area could also be problematic. Eliminating plastic from your cat’s world will sometimes solve the feline acne problem alone.
  2. Step two is to feed an anti-inflammatory diet. Kibble or canned food that is high in carbohydrates will cause inflammation in our cats’ bodies, which only exasperate the issue. Cats with any type of skin issue do better on a fresh food diet that’s void of starches and carbs.
  3. Step three is the fastest route to start helping this issue. Use a natural anti-bacterial remedy that will help clear out the bad bacteria while keeping the gut safe and healthy. Oxy-Cat has worked wonders for feline acne, both acute and severe cases. What I like about this specific remedy over others is that you can also use it topically to reduce itching, swelling and pain while speeding up the healing process!

So there you have it. If your kitty is suffering with acne, start helping your sweet cat today!

Oxy-Cat | Natural Anti-Bacterial Remedy for Cats



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