It seems out of nowhere – you notice your cat shedding a LOT of fur. What’s going on? Is something wrong? Is this normal?

It depends.

It’s totally normal and healthy for cats to shed all year long. However, if you notice your cat suddenly loosing more fur than usual, it’s time to evaluate a few things.

First, we always want to make sure this is not connected to a health issue. Things like ringworm, flea allergies, fungal or parasitic infections – along with diseases like hyperthyroidism – can cause sudden hair loss.

If health is in order, it’s time to look at when the tumbleweeds are taking over your house.

Seasonal Cat Shedding

Did you know that cats will blow their coat – usually twice a year? Blowing a coat is seasonal for most cats – and it’s a time of EXTRA shedding.

In the springtime, as the weather warms, cats will blow their warm winter coat to cool off for the summer months. This is especially noticeable with long-haired cats and cats with a thick undercoat, but all cats will experience this to some degree. The extent of the shedding will also vary with climate in your area. It’s thought that indoor-only cats, in climate controlled homes, would not blow their coat – but in our experience, all our long and short-haired kitties contribute to the tumbleweeds that blow in with seasonal shedding.

Likewise, as the weather cools, cats will loose their summer coats as they begin to grow in a thicker, warmer winter coat.

In both instances, it helps to make sure your cat is comfortable being brushed. Not only does this help control the tumbleweeds around your home, it helps avoid matting or other coat issues that may arise with sudden shedding. While some cats may not seems to enjoy the ‘help’ at first, we’ve found it becomes a favorite bonding time for both cat and human over time.

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