3 Steps To Cure Feline Acne

3 Steps To Cure Feline Acne

Feline acne is one of those strange conditions that tend to plague many cats. When I hear the term acne I think about being in grade school and having several pimples pop up in one area of my face. This is fairly similar to our kitties, however, a cat’s acne...

An Answer To Skin Problems In Cats

Skin problems in cats seem to be on the rise. Environmental and food allergies, yeast and autoimmune disorders are a few common reasons cats deal with skin issues. Runny eyes are also common in kitties. Every kitty, however, can be susceptible to skin problems from...
Cat With Chin Acne?

Cat With Chin Acne?

Most of us relate the word ‘acne’ with pimply-faced teenagers, but cats can actually get acne too. If you’ve ever had a cat with chin acne, you understand how difficult it can be to resolve. Feline acne will appear as a collection of little...
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