Skin problems in cats seem to be on the rise. Environmental and food allergies, yeast and autoimmune disorders are a few common reasons cats deal with skin issues. Runny eyes are also common in kitties. Every kitty, however, can be susceptible to skin problems from time to time.

While the more severe issues should be addressed from the inside out, we still want do what we can to keep our cats comfortable when dealing with skin problems. This is why we are excited to announce a new product that does just that!

Let me give you some examples for reference…

One of our followers had an outdoor kitty who’s face was attacked by mosquitoes. The poor thing was miserable and some of the bites were even bleeding on her face. She used this solution on the face and the scabs healed almost immediately! Within 3 days you could barely tell that she had been attacked.

A few days ago our cat, Zorro, suddenly could only open one eye. Everything else seemed fine but his left eye looked a bit swollen. I took this solution and wiped his eye once. Within one minute it was open again and he seemed fine.

One of our other kitties stepped on the stove top while it was still hot after cooking and I immediately applied this product to her paw pad. She was running around and playing like nothing happened in seconds.

Whether it be a skin infection, a rash, cut, burn, ringworm, etc., Meow Mist Plus is the go-to product that every cat parent wants to have on hand for sudden topical issues in cats.

Side note: We also use this product ourselves. A couple weeks ago we spent too much time outside and we both ended up badly sunburned. We sprayed our faces and shoulders with Meow Mist Plus and were immediately relieved. We also did not peel after applying this… which was an added bonus!

While there are lots of home remedies we can use for topical issues, we’ve yet to find anything that helps as naturally, fast, and effectively as this product.


Recommended Product For Skin Problems In Cats


Meow Mist Plus



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