Many times we can find help for a problem our kitty may be having right in our kitchen cabinet. Did you know you can use coconut oil to combat many common cat issues? In fact – it’s one of our favorite home remedies – so let’s explore a few issues it helps!

Coconut Oil can help our cats with:

  1. Hairballs. Coconut oil not only strengthens the coat – reducing the risk of hairballs – but it also lubricates the digestive tract. This helps the hair that our kitties ingest to easily pass through the system, rather than getting stuck and hacked back up.
  2. Constipation. Cats sometimes have problems with constipation due to issues with the digestive tract. As with hairballs, coconut oil lubricates the colon and can help soften the stools to help them pass through the body.
  3. Skin issues. Feeding coconut oil to your cat gives them fatty acids and vitamins that helps promote skin and coat health. If your kitty has dry skin or matted fur you can use coconut oil topically to help relieve inflammation, loosen fur and hydrate skin.
  4. Arthritis. Coconut oil is also touted as a home remedy that helps with arthritis due to inflammation.
  5. Bad Breath. If your kitty has bad breath the first step is to set an appointment with your veterinarian for a dental checkup. If she doesn’t have a dental or other health issue, feeding coconut oil can help fight bad breath.

How Much Coconut Oil Can I Give My Cat?

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, recommends 1/4 tsp of coconut oil twice daily for average sized cats (10lbs).

When Should I Not Give My Cat Coconut Oil?

Dr. Becker says that coconut oil is good – even for cats with pancreatitis – but you may want to lower the dosage to half (1/4 tsp per day) if your cat is overweight. Just keep an eye on the scale to make sure you little one doesn’t start packin’ on the pounds.

And always remember to use 100% organic, cold pressed, human-grade coconut oil. Delicious!


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