Isn’t it troubling that it’s expected for cats to start slowing down as they get older? And ‘older’ usually means just 10 or 12 years old! The medical field, just as with humans, treats the symptoms of cat arthritis with pain relievers, steroids and other chemical treatments – but it’s hard to find real solutions. So let’s discuss how to fix cat arthritis (or other joint problems) and not just treat the symptoms.

In order to understand a solution, we must first understand the problem. It’s reported that nearly 90% of cats will develop some sort of arthritis by age 12. What these studies don’t tell you is that this happens as a result of a lifetime of poor quality, processed foods.

You see, if your cat is fed dry or canned foods his whole life without any supplementation, he never gets the live enzymes that his body and joints needs to function, grow and stay strong. As a result of this, free radicals build up in the body and start eating away at the synovial packets that hold the joints together – resulting in some form of arthritis. So here’s how to reverse and/or prevent this in 2 simple steps:

1. High quality protein diet.

Most veterinarians will tell you to give your older cat less protein to protect his kidneys. This isn’t actually true, however, as older cats need more protein to keep strong and keep kickin’. The quality of the protein is the issue. The protein in low quality processed foods (that you find in big chain stores or even in your vet’s office) have a hard time being processed through the body and can take a toll on the kidneys. High quality raw meat is much more easily processed in older kitties and helps support the joints and the overall health of your cat. Raw meat is why cats in the wild never suffer from arthritis.

2. Antioxidant supplementation.

Free radicals are the enemy of joint health, and these little stinkers can be avoided AND killed off with a daily dose of quality antioxidants and metabolic enzymes. We’ve always said “give the body the nutrients it needs and the body heals itself” – and our many years in pet nutrition have proven that statement to be true. When you combat the arthritis with antioxidants, you will not only see the symptoms subside, but you no longer need worry if you’re shortening the life of your cat by putting chemicals into his body. Remember this: free radicals are the enemy & antioxidants are the heroes that kill the enemy.

Treating the symptoms of joint pain medically adds chemicals to the body, which normally results in other health issues down the line. Treating the problem with basic, real nutrients is how you can actually fix cat arthritis with no worries of future health problems.

So there you have it. How to fix cat arthritis in 2 easy steps. I know it might sound too good/easy to be true, but hey… what’s the harm in trying? You will thank me later. 😉


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