Cat mobility problems can stem from a number of issues. An injury that didn’t heal, a birth defect that affected your feline friend’s bones, an infection in the joints, or the aging process that very often causes the degeneration of the cartilage that holds the joints together. These are common issues that cause cat mobility problems.

But there’s a magic potion for all of the above.

Cat arthritis, otherwise known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, is the most common of cat mobility problems. Many professionals will tell you that cat arthritis cannot be avoided or treated without the use of steroids or pain medications. This isn’t actually true. In fact, because cat arthritis is a degenerative disease, it is one of the easiest cat mobility problems to treat naturally.

So what’s this magic potion, you ask? Well let me tell you… The magic potion. The elixir. The one thing that your cat needs that can not only reverse cat mobility problems, but will also prevent future issues is called metabolic enzymes.

“Huh?” you ask. “What the heck are metabolic enzymes?”

Metabolic enzymes are the life boat to overall health of our cats’ bodies. They’re what keep the blood, tissues and organs healthy. They cleanse toxins by removing old, dead materials from the bodies’ cells, repair existing cells and produce new cells. They help every cell in our cats’ body function more efficiently.

We don’t hear a lot about metabolic enzymes, because they are not something that the doctor will prescribe. There’s no money to be made for the pharmaceutical industry with these enzymes. Every living body creates metabolic enzymes in the pancreas. When domesticated cats are fed processed foods their entire lives, the body will stop creating enough of these enzymes, leaving their bodies susceptible to free radical buildup – which is what leads to the degeneration of the cartilage, creating arthritis.

When they have an injury, infection or other ailment that leads to cat mobility problems, a larger dosage of this magic potion on a daily basis will help create new cells, new cartilage and new energy levels.

Metabolic enzymes have three main jobs: Flush toxins from the body, Assist in energy production and Help every organ function correctly. So, you should be able to see why I call this the magic potion for mobility problems. Actually, it is the magic potion for a LOT of problems. 🙂

I honestly don’t know why more people are not talking about metabolic enzymes. I take them on a daily basis myself. I have lower back issues and can only sit in a chair for any time period now because I take my enzymes daily. Our 19 year old cat runs around like a kitten since we started putting the magic potion in his food every day. It quite literally turns back the clock on aging.

So where do you get metabolic enzymes? 100% guaranteed.


Excellent Arthritis Support for Cats (& Dogs)

CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 2 oz



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