We are on a mission to help save as many cats from the side effects of commercial flea control products as possible this year. Being in the cat health industry, we hear the terrible stories of both long & short term side effects from flea treatments. It breaks our hearts every year. The only way we know how to help prevent this is to educate cat parents.

For example… meet Sampson, Tina’s cat. He lives with neurological problems after wearing a Hartz flea collar years ago. His head and his eyes still shake regularly.

Here’s Tina’s story:

The first time it happened was in 2017. I took him to the vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong after thousands of dollars in bloodwork and tests. The flea collar was taken off of him during this time and he got better. Never associating it with the problem, in 2018 I put a flea collar on and within 48 hours or so it happened again. Another trip to the vet with him running a high fever for seven days this time and more tests and medications only to have him get better within 72 hours of the flea collar being taken off.

The high fever caused the neurological problems and he hasn’t been right since. I have not put a flea collar on him since, use the Flea-EX and have not had a problem since. After going over all of this with the vet, it was determined that it most likely was the flea collar causing this and it was around the time that Hartz had a recall on a lot of their stuff. Of course unless you got big money fighting those corporate people is a no win so live and learn in this case.

Harsh side effects of commercial flea control in cats. Sampson lives with neurological problems and his eyes and head shake after wearing a Hartz flea collar 5 years ago

Can everyone avoid the side effects of commercial flea control products?

Not everyone can avoid using toxic flea products. In some areas of Australia, for example, there are dangerous ticks that can kill a cat with one bite. While it would be wise to keep your cats inside to avoid this, outdoor cats are at a huge risk. While there are many natural alternatives to commercial flea control, many of these won’t keep that deadly tick away.

If this happens to be your situation, please rotate the chemical flea control products with natural – each month. And give your cats milk thistle (daily) to help detox their bodies of these harsh chemicals for at least 6 weeks after each application.

Recommended Natural Flea Product for Cats & Dogs

Flea-eX for Cats



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