Building Your Cat’s Trust

If you’ve ever rescued a kitty, you likely know how important building your cat’s trust can be. While some people think that a rescued cat should just immediately be grateful for a safe, warm home and food, it’s far more complicated than that....

Helping Cats Adapt To Change

Some cats adapt well to changes in their environment, however many do not. The smallest change can cause anxiety in many felines and it’s our responsibility to help them through this. Ugh, I’m dealing with this with my sweet Maggie. I noticed a few weeks ago she...

Sweet Cats That Are Mean To Other People

Your kitty is super sweet to you and an angel at home, but when company stops by he turns into the devil. Cats that are mean to your guests are feeling protective and/or stressed. My sister’s soul companion is her cat of 13 years, Tattoo. She rescued him as a...

Why Cats Hiss

When your cats hiss it can seem scary, but you should understand that this is a sign of fear, not aggression. I used to be under the impression that ‘mean’ cats hiss, but that’s not true. In fact, we don’t believe that there’s such thing...

How To Keep Your Cats Off Of Counters

Are you looking to keep your cats off of kitchen counters or tables? Many cat owners find it unsanitary to allow kitties on surfaces where they prepare or eat food. What I find funny is that I’m an OCD germaphobe but I do not mind our cats on the counters. In my...
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