Your kitty is super sweet to you and an angel at home, but when company stops by he turns into the devil. Cats that are mean to your guests are feeling protective and/or stressed.

My sister’s soul companion is her cat of 13 years, Tattoo. She rescued him as a kitten and he’s been by her side ever since. At a young age he began lashing out at me or others who came to her home. I used to wear tall leather boots to her place so that if he attacked me I wouldn’t be scarred. We would just be relaxing or chatting at her place and out of nowhere he’d attack me. I used to call him the devil until I realized that he was just afraid of anyone other than my sister and he was being protective of her.

Once I realized this, I started looking at him differently and my energy changed. I stopped fearing him, and that gave us both the opportunity to start building a relationship. If your kitty is like this to guests that come to your home, there are things you can do to help the situation.

Things You Can Do To Help Cats That Are Mean

  • Keep treats near the door and let your guest offer your cat a treat upon entering the home.
  • Use calming supplements and daily exercise routines to keep your cat’s stress low.
  • Do whatever you need to do to not worry about your cat flipping out when company comes by. Your cat smells your fear.
  • Consider an energy cleansing session or two with a professional. Sometimes pent up anxiety needs to be released from your kitty.

Punishing your cat for protecting his/her territory will not help. In fact, this will often make the situation worse because cats don’t understand punishment like humans do.

Try to see life through your cat’s eyes and do your best to help foster a relationship between your friends, family and cat.


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