Why Do Cats Bite You?

We host frequent Live Q&A sessions on social media and it’s crazy how many people ask about why their cats bite them. Our cats may give love nibbles from time to time if we are playing with them with our hands (which we don’t recommend), but they never...

Cats That Hate To Be Touched

Cats are interesting creatures with individual personalities – much like humans. Some cats are very loving while others are more standoffish. If you have a cats that hate to be touched, held or given too much physical attention, this blog is for you. You love...

Can Cats Sense Bad People?

You’ve seen the image on the internet saying “if my cat doesn’t like you, neither do I”, suggesting that cats can sense a bad person, but is this true? Cats sense energy better than most humans, in my opinion. I found an article published in...

Is Your Cat Licking Itself Bald?

Is your cat licking itself too much? Cats are clean animals, and they groom themselves multiple times per day. They do a good job of keeping themselves clean, which is why you don’t have to bathe your cats like you would your dog. However, if your kitty is...

Does Your Cat Have Feline Cystitis?

One of the biggest topics we have people contact us for help with is urinary issues with our cats. Sadly so many kitties are suffering with recurring urinary tract issues and they call this feline cystitis. Lower urinary disease in cats comes in many forms from...
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