Cats are interesting creatures with individual personalities – much like humans. Some cats are very loving while others are more standoffish. If you have a cats that hate to be touched, held or given too much physical attention, this blog is for you.

You love your cat and you just want to give him some love and pet him but his response is HECK NO! Our first reactions as humans may be to have hurt feelings, but don’t take this personally. Your cat loves you, he just might not be comfortable with regular petting or being held.

Don’t worry though, there are things you can do to entice your kitty to want more love, he just needs to get to know you better. The way to do this is do what he wants, not what you want. I know it sounds crazy and even hard but stick with me.

Cats want to interact on their own terms. We need to give them a sense of control. To put this simply we need to let them decide when and how they want to interact with us. Don’t force them to be picked up or petted if they are not asking for it. If you are petting your cat and you think they are enjoying it but are not sure, just stop for 30 seconds or so and see if they stay where they are or if they walk away. If they walk away, there is your answer that they had enough engagement at that moment. The more you learn to listen and know their cues the stronger your relationship will be. It’s actually not a bad idea to stop and leave them wanting more.

Cats That Don’t Like Extra Attention

Find out what your cat likes, does it love to chase a string or play with a toy? Does it like to get treats? Does he like to be brushed? While you are doing his favorite activities, sneak in a pet here and there.

My last suggestion is having your cat on a regular feeding schedule. If you feed twice a day or three times a day try to keep those feeding times regular. If you give treats once a day, give them at the same time each day. Having a regular routine and getting the cat to associate food (which is a good thing) to being around you and getting a few gentle pets on the head will make him desire more.

So if your cat hates to be touched, work on building his trust and friendship. Do this by approaching it on his terms. Don’t force yourself on him, simple limit petting to when he wants it. Pay attention to what your cat likes and your friendship bond will grow.


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