Does Your Cat Have Feline Cystitis?

One of the biggest topics we have people contact us for help with is urinary issues with our cats. Sadly so many kitties are suffering with recurring urinary tract issues and they call this feline cystitis. Lower urinary disease in cats comes in many forms from...

How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Fabric

If you’re a cat parent you’ve probably experienced your cat doing the nasty deed of “going” outside the box. Over the years of working with pets, I have met many people with cats urinating on towels or dirty laundry. Another one of the popular places for...

How To Check Your Cat’s Urine pH

Because urinary infections are so common for kitties, it’s important that we check our cat’s urine pH at home. Cats are stoic beings, so we often won’t know that they are in pain from a urinary issue until it’s bad. The pain that a kitty...
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