How To Keep Your Cats Off Of Counters

Are you looking to keep your cats off of kitchen counters or tables? Many cat owners find it unsanitary to allow kitties on surfaces where they prepare or eat food. What I find funny is that I’m an OCD germaphobe but I do not mind our cats on the counters. In my...

Can You Train A Cat?

Many people believe that you cannot train a cat because, well, they’re masters at training people. I know our cats definitely have us trained in many ways. However, did you know that cats can be trained just like dogs can? I find it interesting that dog parents...

Should You Punish Your Cat?

Lordy. Before I even start typing I feel like this could be a controversial topic that some won’t like. Punishment is certainly a hot topic in the human world. But here’s the thing: Cats and humans are different. When you punish your cat, there’s...
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