Are Your Litter Boxes Too Small?

Did you know that the majority of litter boxes found at pet stores are entirely too small? With so many cat parents struggling to get their cats to use the box, you’d think the manufactures would’ve figured this out by now. There are basic rules of litter...

How To Check Your Cat’s Urine pH

Because urinary infections are so common for kitties, it’s important that we check our cat’s urine pH at home. Cats are stoic beings, so we often won’t know that they are in pain from a urinary issue until it’s bad. The pain that a kitty...

Help! My Cat’s Peeing Outside The Box!

There are many reasons your cat may start peeing outside the box, but the first thing you want to check is health. Cats are stoic beings so they don’t show their pain like dogs do. If your cat suddenly starts going outside the litter box this could be her way of...
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