There are many reasons your cat may start peeing outside the box, but the first thing you want to check is health. Cats are stoic beings so they don’t show their pain like dogs do. If your cat suddenly starts going outside the litter box this could be her way of telling you she doesn’t feel well.

Many cat parents are unaware of how cats communicate to their humans, so they often attribute going outside the box as a behavioral problem. We shouldn’t assume that our cat would randomly start being mischievous for no reason, however. Because cats mask their pain, a health problem could be severe by the time you see symptoms. That’s what it’s imperative that you have your kitty checked quickly by a veterinarian if she suddenly starts peeing outside the box.

FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) is a common diagnosis for cats these days, especially if fed a dry food only kibble diet. There are many secs of FLUTD, but if you look into the symptoms of each one “peeing outside the box” is listed as a sign that should not be ignored.

Urinary problems are not the only reason that cats will suddenly start going outside the litter box. Some cats will do this when they have an upset tummy or snuffly nose. Kidney disease is another common reason cats will do this. All to say, it could be anything – but make sure to take your kitty in for a checkup if this happens.

Once you’ve ruled out health issues, check for environmental changes and/or stressors. Cats love routine and many are prone to stress when something changes in their environment. If your cat is purrfectly healthy and is still peeing outside the box, it could be anxiety. If you think this may be the case with your kitty, click here to read more about anxiety triggers in cats.


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