Did you know that the majority of litter boxes found at pet stores are entirely too small? With so many cat parents struggling to get their cats to use the box, you’d think the manufactures would’ve figured this out by now. There are basic rules of litter boxes and size is one of them.

Veterinarians and feline experts say that a proper litter tray should be at least a length and a half the size of your cat – from their nose to their butt. You could compare the average size boxes that you find at pet stores to a porta potty. We don’t feel comfortable doing our business in a super tight space, so why would our cats? In the wild our cats are able to eliminate in safe, open spaces. If we can give our kitties more room to do their business, they’ll be more likely to use their box.

Is Your Litter Box Too Small?

You may be thinking, “I just spent a lot of money on these boxes and now I need to get bigger ones?” The good news is that the bigger litter boxes are much cheaper. We get our cats’ boxes at Lowe’s or Walmart. We grab the 30+ gallon storage bins for $10-$12 and call it a day! Some of our boxes are the shallow storage bins that are made to fit under a bed (don’t put the litter box under the bed) and others have the taller sides. For the deep storage bins, just cut out a comfortably sized door for entry. The lids are free, so if your kitty likes a covered litter box, simply put on the lid.

Cats like to scratch around in the litter boxes to find a comfortable spot and by giving them a bigger box we help that process. We also help ourselves because it’s much less stressful when our kitties actually use their box.


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