We often get questions about which litter to buy because some cats seem to hate the litter box. These days there’s a special litter for everything from odor control to dustless, trackless wonders. With so many options, it’s important for us to remember that litter isn’t for us. It’s for our cats. Make sure to give them a litter that fits their needs. Here’s a few tips on picking the right litter…

As always, if you’re cat is going outside the box you first want to have them checked by a vet for possible health issues. Cats will sometimes go outside the litter box in order to let you know that something is wrong with them. Take them in for a checkup first and have their health cleared. Then address the litter issue.

  • Scented Litter. If you have cats that hate the litter box, it could be because the litter turns them off. Scented litter isn’t for cats. Cats don’t care what their litter smells like – we do. The chemicals and fragrance enhancers they put in scented litter is actually bad for our cats and many cats know this because of their keen sense of smell. Most cats will have an aversion to scented litter, so don’t waste your money on it. Instead, add a thin layer of baking soda to the bottom of the litter box to help absorb odor.
  • How does the litter feel on their paws? Some cats prefer litter that mirrors sand or dirt in texture. This is instinctive because it’s what they would use in the wild. These kitties will often put their noses up to crystals or paper based litters. If your cat prefers a fine litter, use a litter like walnut or even sand (inexpensive!).
  •  Cats like clean litter. One of the most helpful tips we can offer is, make sure to keep the litter box clean. Many times cat parents think that it’s not important to scoop the litter daily – but it is. Whether or not your cat is picky about the box being clean before doing her business, she always prefers it. Maybe your cat hates the litter box because it’s gross. Keep it clean. 🙂



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