Odor control litter and scented litter are popular items in the pet stores these days. These types of litter contain additives that help mask or absorb the smells that comes from the box. These types of litter, however, are for the cat parent, not the cat.

The Scoop On Scented Litter

Scented litter is comprised of fragrances, perfumes, deodorizers and other artificial agents to enhance aroma. Because our kitties have a very keen sense of smell, these scents often deter them from using the box. In addition, as cats clean and lick their paws, they ingest a quantity of the litter they use. The chemicals in scented litter are also unhealthy for our feline friends.

Let’s face it, cats don’t care what their urine or feces smell like. They sniff each other’s butts. They clean their private areas with their tongue. The scented litter is simply for our satisfaction.

The general purpose of a litter box is to provide your cat with a more “natural” place to do their business. It’s also a great convenience to us humans that we don’t have to drop everything every time our cats have to ‘go’. But a box full of fragrances is far from a cat’s natural habitat. Using unscented litter is not only a closer resemblance to what they would instinctively use in the wild, but it’s also healthier for them.

How Do I Control The Litter Box Odor?

First of all, if your cat’s poop is extra smelly, you should look at his diet. Cats who are fed a species appropriate fresh food diet have smaller, firm and un-smelly turds. The urine smell is also directly proportional to the diet. We rarely smell anything after one of our kitties exit the litter box room.

Next, be sure to scoop the litter often. Removing the smelly culprit is an easy and safe way to eliminate odors from the box. We recommend to scoop at least once daily and twice if you have multiple cats who are fed a commercially prepared kibble diet.

Lastly, if the odor from the litter box isn’t mended by diet and cleaning habits, be sure to have your cat checked by a vet. There are parasites and ailments that can also cause sticky, smelly feces and urine in cats.



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