Ah, cat litter. The topic of the year. Gone are the days of using dirt or sand in the litter box. These days you can find a million different cat litter options at every store you shop. Now cat parents are looking for the right cat litter for their cats.

And rightfully so.

The cat litter market has grown into the billion dollar category so marketing schemes are getting clever. “Natural” cat litter is growing more and more popular. But what exactly is the right cat litter? Here are 3 great tips to consider when you’re shopping for the right litter for your cat.

Choosing The Right Cat Litter For Your Cat

1. Find out what litter your cat likes that works for you as well

Most cats are pretty easy when it comes to litter, so switching to a more eco-friendly, dust free, easy to scoop cat litter might be simple for your babies. We have one cat, however, that is VERY picky when it comes to his litter. We went through 7-10 different litter options before we found one that he will use. Some dusty litters can cause breathing issues for people (as well as cats), so take yourself into consideration when shopping too. Be patient and test your options to find the right cat litter. Once you find a winner – stick with it.

2. Understand the health risks that come with certain cat litters

Cat litter made from corn, wheat or clay can cause toxic build up in your cat’s digestive tract, since they will ingest some litter while grooming. There are some more naturally sourced clay litters on the market now, but be sure it is not made from bentonite. This can cause toxicosis as well as upper respiratory problems in cats. Corn and wheat are non-digestible to cats, so just steer clear of those litters all together. We suggest the same if they come out with litters containing soy.

Silica gel crystals are another we don’t always recommend for this reason. While the litter factor is fabulous (because it controls odor, tracks less litter around the house and is essentially dust-free), it can be dangerous if ingested in large amounts.

3. Cats like unscented litter

Many cat litter manufacturers will put citrus additives into the litter. This is for us, not our cats. Most cats have an aversion to scented litters. Scented litters, for the most part, are also synthetic so we recommend staying away from this option when looking for the right cat litter.

In closing

Cats are very clean animals and like their litter scooped at least once daily. Regardless of the type you choose, you’ll have a much easier time finding the right cat litter for your kitty if you keep it clean.

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