So many cat parents are feeding a dry “prescription” urinary diet to their kitties because it was recommended by their vet. We understand wanting to provide healthy food for a healthier cat, but he whole concept of this “prescription” food is ludicrous to us. Since our motto is “learn, share, grow” I’ll explain why we don’t like a “prescription” urinary diet for cats.

The term “prescription diet” is a marketing term. The term was trademarked by a big pet food company so competitors now have to use the term “veterinary diet” instead. It makes the food sound important – which allows for that expensive price-tag. It also makes us think that there’s medicine in it. But there’s not.

When it comes to urinary problems in cats, the issue almost always starts with either dehydration or stress. The dry prescription urinary diet for cats includes added salt to make our kitties thirsty. Why? Because we want to keep their urinary tract flushed and keep them hydrated. All while feeding them a dry diet.

Does that make sense to you? Why would we feed our cats a dry diet to keep them hydrated? Feeding a moist diet wouldn’t require increased sodium levels because they’d be getting their moisture from their food – which is how cats were designed to consume the majority of their required moisture.

And aside from the dehydration factor, many of these foods have no nutritional value whatsoever. Check out the ingredients in this urinary diet:

prescription urinary diet for cats

The main ingredients in this food are: Chicken-by Product Meal, Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Corn, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavors, Soy Protein Isolate, Powdered Cellulose, Salt.

My translation of these ingredients is: Rendered pieces of chicken not fit for human consumption, sugar, sugar, sugar, fat, synthetics, fake protein, moisture blocker, salt.

Everything after salt is synthetic vitamins and minerals to “complete” the diet.

Think about it… is this a diet you would want your cat to eat for any extended period of time? If you ask me, this diet could easily contribute to several other health issues – like obesity, diabetes and kidney disease.

Prescription Urinary Diet For Cats

If you want to feed your cat the best diet to help his urinary health, feed a wet or fresh food diet and add in a supplement. This will not only help his urinary issues but it will also help is overall quality of life!


Recommended Product for Urinary Issues in Cats


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