Choosing The Best Cat Carrier

For us cat parents, we know the best cat carrier is one our cat will actually get in… without a fight. So how do we choose one they will like? Whether we’re heading to the vet’s office or moving across country, we must ensure our cats are safe and...

Why Do Cats Lay In The Litter Box?

If you ever notice that your cat likes to lay in the litter box, please pay attention. This behavior isn’t normally cute… or just weird. Everything our cats do tells us something about them. Maybe it’s something about their personality. More often...

Why Do Fixed Cats Mount Each Other?

So… Your cats are fixed, but you still see them mounting each other. What is up with that? We humans like to jump to conclusions with things that seem odd to us. Conclusions that are often (very) wrong. But let’s remember – especially when observing...

Does Your Cat Drink From The Toilet?

Have you ever caught your cat taking a drink from the toilet? It may seem cute – or even clever, but why do cats do this? And is it something we should be concerned about? So let’s first look at why cats find the toilet an appealing place for a drink. Many...
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