So… Your cats are fixed, but you still see them mounting each other. What is up with that?

We humans like to jump to conclusions with things that seem odd to us. Conclusions that are often (very) wrong. But let’s remember – especially when observing this confusing behavior – that cats are a completely different species.

Neutered male cats ‘humping’ other male cats – or mounting spayed females – is not always a sexual ‘thing’. Let’s examine some of the reasons this behavior may be happening.

Why Your Cats May Mount Another Cat:

  1. Dominance. In a multi-cat household, this behavior is often a hint of the cat hierarchy in the home. We’ve noticed this especially with our older boys mounting our younger male cats. Interestingly, the older boys never do this to each other. Nor do they do it to the cats that seem to already understand the ‘family structure’. Side-note: Another interesting way to observe which cat may be dominant is community grooming. The dominant cat will be the one that predominantly grooms the other cats.
  2. Stress. As with many misunderstood feline behaviors, mounting can be a sign of stress. Consider it more self-soothing than sexual. Anytime there is a change in a cat’s territory, we may see behaviors that make no sense to us. It’s up to us to connect the dots and look at our cat’s world from their perspective.
  3. Energy Outlet. Cats need regular playtime, engagement and activities to release pent up feline energy. And understand that cats are not made to be couch loafs. That’s cute, sure. But cats are fine-tuned hunters with incredible athletic abilities that need to be exercised. Having no outlet for that energy can create behaviors we don’t understand.

All this said, anytime we notice a new behavior start suddenly, we want to have a health check. It’s possible this behavior could indicate a urinary tract issue. It’s also worth noting that there’s a short period after a neuter where the sex hormones are still active. Some cats that are neutered late in life can also exhibit this behavior because it’s engrained in their behavior repertoire.

As with all things ‘cat’, it’s up to us humans to compassionately investigate the feline behaviors we don’t understand. Not only will it help provide a better life for our cats within our 4 walls, it will create a beautiful ad unbreakable bond.


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