Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad?

Let’s face it, no one’s feces smells like roses. However, if the cat poop smell in your home is overwhelming, this blog is for you. Let’s first chat about what a normal cat poop or bowel movement should be like. Would it surprise you if I told you that...

Cats Vomiting Food After Eating

If your cat is vomiting food on a regular basis, this is not something to ignore. Years ago before I started my journey to learn all I can about natural pet health and nutrition I used to pet sit. One of the biggest complaints a lot of my cat customers would have is...

Cats Puking Up Their Food

If you’ve got cats puking up their food after eating, it’s time to make some changes. Cats with food anxiety will often scarf and barf and this isn’t healthy for them at all. Before I go deeper into how to resolve the scarf & barf issue I must...
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