If your cat is vomiting food on a regular basis, this is not something to ignore.

Years ago before I started my journey to learn all I can about natural pet health and nutrition I used to pet sit. One of the biggest complaints a lot of my cat customers would have is “my cat threw up his food again and stained the carpet”. I thought I had the perfect answer for this problem, so I started to tell my customers to switch to a food that didn’t have dyes in it. Now I look back and think that was good advice because the dyes are not good for our babies but I realized I was not helping the vomiting issues but solving the carpet staining issue!

At that time, I just thought that cats throwing up their food was completely normal. I had a cat at the time that did this on a regular basis, so much so I would just be ready to clean it after he ate.  Well I have come a long way and have learned cats vomiting food on a regular basis is NOT normal nor should we accept this as a normal thing cats just do.

The two biggest reasons cats vomit after eating are they either ate too much or they ate too fast! We call this scarf and barf. The good news is there are ways to prevent this.

Helping Scarf & Barf

We need to slow down their eating and help their digestion. We can do this by feeding them several smaller meals during the day instead of 1 or 2 larger meals. But wait, how the heck do you slow down a cat’s eating? Great question! You can simply use a muffin pan and spread their meal out in several of the cups. Or you can get a lick mat, which is a mat with grooves in it that you spread the cat’s food out on and the cat has to work a bit more to get the food hence making him or her eat slower.

I am not a fan of kibble or dry food. These foods are loaded with carbs and starches which can be hard for a cat to digest. We suggest feeding as much wet food as possible to your cat for optimal health and digestion.

I also strongly recommend giving your cat a high quality digestive enzymes like our CATalyst! This is amazing for helping the body break down the food for better absorption and easier digestion.

Remember your cat is vomiting on a regular basis is not normal and should be addressed, the above suggestions might just be the help your cat needs.


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