I know the title sounds harsh, but hear me out. If you’re still using chemical cleaners in your home you should at least know this information so that you can make more informed decisions.

You see, the New York Department of Health tested the urine of both cats and dogs that were indoor companion animals. Before the study, these families were confirmed to use traditional cleaners in their homes. The results found at least 21 contaminants in their urine from these chemical cleaners. You heard me correctly… the cleaners they used were found in the urine of pets.

So how does this happen? We’re not adding cleaners to our cats’ food or anything, right?

When our cats walk on surfaces that have been cleaned with chemicals, it’s directly absorbed into their blood stream. In addition, your cats groom themselves and ingest these chemicals internally. They can also inhale the toxins from spray cleaners.

You’re probably saying, “I’ve had cats for years and they’ve never had a problem with the cleaners I use.” But, did they? If you had them tested for chemical cleaners in their bodies you might think differently.

Granted, it’s impossible to avoid all toxins because they are everywhere. However, once we know better we can do better. So here are some alternative, less expensive, cat-safe options for you.

It was hard for me to give up my favorite cleaners at first. Once we switched to the homemade cleaners, however, I realized that our floors stay cleaner longer! I also love the amount of money we save by going natural and our cats are healthier as a result!


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