As proactive cat parents, it’s exciting to find new ways to help improve the life and health of our kitties. One way to help our cats is by evaluating their environment. Chemical household cleaners are toxic to our cats, so we want to find a cheap and safe cleaner alternative.

When we first learned about how toxic our household cleaners were, it blew our minds. Mostly because we never thought of it before. It seems common-sense. Our cats walk on the floors and counters that we clean with, whatever, and then they lick their paws. Duh… “of course they’ll be ingesting these chemicals!” we thought. Crazy that it took nearly 20 years with cats before we even considering this notion…

The excuse we had, then, was cost. It’s convenient to grab some cleaners when your at the market, but fancy natural cleaners are usually sold via an MLM business or must be purchased online – at a much higher cost. It’s amazing what “pet safe” products price out at.

So we started looking for DIY cleaners and found that we could simply add vinegar to water and call it a day. Mind blowing! Vinegar and water is a super cheap and safe cleaner – but will it get the job done?

2 years later and we don’t use anything but vinegar and water on our floors and counters. It’s amazing that this cheap and safe cleaner actually CLEANS so well! Our floors stay cleaner longer and our counter tops are shiny!

We use about a 5:1 ratio. 5 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less, but it’s always works! The only down side is the smell. After cleaning the house there’s usually a scent of vinegar that lingers for a couple hours. We’ve tried adding fruits and oils to it, but it doesn’t seem to clean as well with additives. We just open the windows and/or diffuse pet safe wax. 🙂



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