We are so very excited to share this non-toxic, safe furniture polish recipe with all of you! When you have cats it is important that we don’t expose them to all of the toxic chemicals that we often use around the house.

Research shows that cats absorb chemicals into their blood stream through their paw pads in seconds. Recent studies revealed that indoor cats have tons of household cleaners in their urine and blood. These chemicals can lead to serious diseases over time and we do not want that for our kitties.

When we first learned about this we stopped using commercial floor and counter cleaners (yes, we allow our cats on the counters) and started cleaning with vinegar and water. This was fantastic, as it not only did a great job of cleaning safely, it also saved us a ton of money!

One of the issues, however, was furniture polish. We used to use the fancy, lemon-smelling polish on our wood furniture – and the vinegar and water just wasn’t cutting it. So we just stopped polishing and only dusted with a damp cloth.

Well… when the legendary Dr. Karen Becker & Rodney Habib went Live on social media and shared this recipe for pet safe furniture polish, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

And it worked beautifully!!!

DIY Pet Safe Furniture Polish Recipe

1/2 cup – Olive Oil

1/2 cup – Coconut Oil

1 tsp – Lemon Juice

During the colder seasons, our organic coconut oil gets hard, so it’s easier to make this if you put it in a warm area to melt first. I didn’t do that before mixing it and it was a little difficult at first. So – try warming it (melting) or buy the liquid coconut oil at the health food store maybe? We’re all about saving money so we like to use what we already have.

These 3 simple ingredient can be found in most every kitchen pantry, so enjoy making yours! Comment below to let us know how it works on your furniture!


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