Our motto has always been to learn, share and grow. We’ve learned many lessons the hard way and – weird as it may sound – leaking chemicals into our cats is one of them.

There are many companies that promote chemical-free household cleaners as a way for us to help save the environment. Even before we realized how harmful many cleaners can be for our cats, we would have loved to use these earth friendly products – but they were just too expensive. We also noticed that many of these companies were pretty clever – and while the big print on some of these products said ‘natural’ or ‘all organic’, the little print was still full of crap. We started to think of these popular chemical free products as more of a marketing scheme than environmentally friendly alternatives.

Until we really started to understand the dangers of using chemical household cleaners around our cats.

We read a study that said it only takes 26 seconds for a chemical on your floor or counter to be absorbed directly into your cat’s bloodstream. What?!?! That meant that we were leaking chemicals into our cats every damn day with everyday cleaners! But we still couldn’t afford the time and money it took to find genuinely chemical-free, safe alternatives…

So – here’s a little tip! You actually don’t have to buy the expensive, natural cleaners at all. In fact, we are now saving a ton of money on floor and counter cleaners by simply using vinegar and water instead! Vinegar is so cheap and it doesn’t take much to clean the whole house.

To take it a step further when thinking about the chemicals our cats are exposed to – what about litter? When we realized most litters (especially clay and crystals) contained crazy amounts of chemicals, we switched to a natural litter immediately. There’s no way to avoid our cats being exposed to their litter. Not only can it be absorbed through their little paw pads, it is unavoidably ingested when they bathe. Natural litters are just as effective and affordable as many popular brands. Incidentally, many litters are really marketed more for people than our cats. Fragrances and clumping capabilities are not things that concern our cats.

And speaking of fragrances – we also used fragrance sprays and scented candles in our home in the past – because who doesn’t enjoy the smell of a fresh home! Unfortunately, most commercial spays and candles are full of chemicals and toxins that are harmful to our cats – and us! The good news? With a little digging, it’s possible to find pet (and people) safe alternatives.

The point is to be mindful of what chemicals we use in our home. If you don’t want to be leaking chemicals into your cat, it really is possible to find safe alternatives!



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