Are you looking for a recipe to make a natural glass cleaner that’s safe for your cats? You’ve literally just hit the jack pot!

When we found out how toxic the typical glass cleaners are for our cats, we set out to find a natural alternative. And guess what? Natural glass cleaners are hard to find!

We have a lot of glass and mirrors in our home (and I’m a bit OCD about cleanliness) so it’s important that we find something that’s safe and actually works. We finally found an all natural company at the farmer’s market and spent a pretty penny on a bottle. I can’t even remember the name, but it worked and smelled good too!

Problem? The smell was from a peppermint essential oil – which can be toxic to cats. That bottle went to the neighbors house because they don’t have indoor cats. This was a great reminder that just because something is chemical free does not always mean it’s not toxic to our babies!

Because we didn’t want to spend more time and money hunting for a safe glass cleaner, we just started using the vinegar and water mix that we use to clean our floors. I really didn’t like the way it made the mirrors foggy so I have a huge cat-mom confession… I actually went back to the chemical window cleaners and just diluted it with water for awhile.

My justification was that I only did this when we were having company over – not every time I saw a smudge… but that still doesn’t make it right in my mind. I still feel guilty for prioritizing my these aesthetics over my cats’ health…

But gratefully – not any more! Thanks to the awesome Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib we now have a recipe for natural glass cleaner that’s not only safe but also cheap & streak free! We had all the ingredients in our pantry and you likely will too!

DIY Safe Natural Glass Cleaner

1 cup water

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

1 tbsp cornstarch

It turns out that the cornstarch is what makes it streak-free, so don’t leave out that ingredient! You will need to wipe it down more than traditional glass cleaners, but the results are amazing! Comment below and let us know how it works for you!


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