Sooo…. the first healthy cat food recipe was a big ole FAIL with our kitties. 🙁 We only had one cat that would even entertain the idea of eating it. But we had some followers say that it worked well for their cats! If you haven’t seen healthy cat food recipe #1 yet, click here for that video.

Texture is very important to cats. Especially our cats. For our second try, we used pork that was only put through the grinder once. This texture closely mirrors the premixed, commercially prepared raw diet that they like – so I think this simple factor helped our boys be open to eating this batch.

It may look gross, but this recipe was actually PAWesome! It was easy to access the ingredients at the local butcher shop and super easy to put together!

Watch below for healthy cat food recipe #2

We saved SO much money with this one!!!

Another cool thing about these recipes that we’re making is that you can cook them! Now, we don’t recommend cooking your cat’s food much – but if you are scared of raw or your cat isn’t taking to it yet, this recipe (and the first one) are perfectly safe to heat up on the stove!

Note: If you were to include bone instead of eggshell in the recipe – DO NOT COOK IT! Cooked bone is very unsafe for our feline friends.

Be sure to follow our journey on social media (links below). Our next healthy cat food recipe is going to be even easier AND less expensive than the first or second one!

We promise to continue to Learn, Share and Grow with you as we gain more knowledge on how to keep all cats healthy!

Here’s the above recipe in writing:

6.75 lbs of boneless ground pork
4 oz beef heart (total 7 lbs of muscle meat)
8 oz beef kidneys
8 oz beef liver
4 large eggs (rinse and dry eggshells)
4 tsp (4 eggshells) eggshell powder
1200 mg krill oil or quality fish oil
800 iu Vitamin E
3 B-Complex capsules

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