We did it! After months and months of over-researching the subject matter of making a balanced diet for our cats at home, we’ve finally launched our first video with a healthy cat food recipe for everyone to follow! And the best news? We cut our cat food bill in HALF – just with this first recipe.

A few things that we learned along the way:

  1. Heart is considered muscle meat, not offal (or organ meat)
  2. Liver is difficult to chop up
  3. Pay attention to how many omega-3 fatty acids are in each krill oil capsule. We didn’t add enough.

Watch below for healthy cat food recipe #1

I think we did pretty good for our first try! If you haven’t read about our journey up to this point, click here to see how freaking scared we have been to get started.

This was a really simple recipe. It has limited ingredients and all you really need to do is mix it together.

Think of the vitamins you add as spices in your dinner dish. Instead of going to the spice isle in the market, just head over to the vitamin section instead. It’s not something we usually do, but it’s not complicated at all.

Be sure to follow our journey (tabs below) for more recipes. You never want to just feed your cat one protein, especially chicken. Chicken carries inflammatory properties, so feeding it in moderation is highly recommended by us. Each meat has different nutritional benefits for our cats.

We’re going to take you through each step as we learn more ways to cut cost and increase quality of ingredients so subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the know!

Here’s the recipe in writing…

4 lbs of Boneless Ground Chicken

4 oz Beef Heart (if you can find chicken heart, that’s great too)

4 oz Chicken Liver

2 Large Eggs (rinse and dry shells)

2 Crushed Eggshells (crush into powder)

600-1000 mg Krill Oil (or omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil)

400 IU Vitamin E

2 B-Complex Capsules

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