How To Get Rid Of The Cat Urine Smell

There are several reasons cats will urinate outside the box and stress is one of the most common. Upon writing this blog, there’s a lot of anxiety going on around our world – and our kitties feel it. Sometimes they express that stress by...

Test Your Cat’s Urine pH

This week seems to be all about cat pee! Urinary infections are one of the most common issues cats that bring cats to the vets office. If your kitty has had a UTI, it’s a good idea to test your cat’s urine levels at home regularly. This is easy, cheap...

Help! My Cat’s Peeing Outside The Box!

There are many reasons your cat may start peeing outside the box, but the first thing you want to check is health. Cats are stoic beings so they don’t show their pain like dogs do. If your cat suddenly starts going outside the litter box this could be her way of...
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