Should We Snuggle Our Cats?

Us cat parents love to hold and snuggle our cats. But do our kitties always love it as much as we do? It’s important not to force your cat to do things that stress them out or make them feel uncomfortable. Cuddling with felines is one of our favorite pastimes as cat...

Are You A Responsible Cat Guardian?

Being a responsible cat guardian can mean many things to many people. Generally, it’s going to involve an assortment of commitments we’ve made to our cat to help them live their best lives. May is National Responsible Pet Guardian Month, so we decided to...

Should Your Cat Really Be on a Senior Diet?

Pet food companies and even some veterinarians will suggest that you put your cat on a senior diet as young as 7 years of age. However, it’s important to question whether this is truly necessary. In reality, 7 years old is not considered senior, even in the...

Should You Bathe Your Cat?

Everyone knows dogs need regular baths – but should you bathe your cat regularly too? This depends on a few factors. Has your cat gotten into something toxic or messy? Is your cat infested with fleas? Does your cat have a medical condition that limits his...
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