Why Is My Cat Farting?

Sure. Farts can be funny. But if you smell your cat farting a lot you know the funny is over. And it’s not just because of the fumes. A fun fact about cats is that it’s actually more common for a cat to burp. I know, it’s unseemly to talk about any...

The Truth About Vegan Diets For Cats

Some recent ‘research’ about vegan diets for cats is bogus. Even the study itself says so – you just have to read past the headlines. “Vegan Diet Healthier For Cats Than Meat…” and “Cats on plant-based diet tend to be...

Top 7 Maine Coon Cat Facts

The Maine Coon Cat is known as the Gentle Giant of domestic cats – but their size isn’t the only thing that makes these cats so special. Everything about a Maine Coon seems magical – as anyone owned by one of these cats already knows. But today...
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