Should You Bathe Your Cat?

Everyone knows dogs need regular baths – but should you bathe your cat regularly too? This depends on a few factors. Has your cat gotten into something toxic or messy? Is your cat infested with fleas? Does your cat have a medical condition that limits his...

Do Cats Understand Human Language?

Do you ever wonder if cats understand you? Sure, cats are know for being intuitive animals – but they’re also pretty famous for completely ignoring us humans. But maybe it’s just certain humans…? Recent research focused on animal cognition has...

Should You Let Your Cat Outside?

Letting your cat outside to explore beyond the four walls of your home can be incredibly enriching. The sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors engage all the senses of our feline friends. It stimulates a cat mentally, physically, and emotionally. But should...

How To Help Cats Cope With Home Repairs

We know how stressful it is when our house breaks – but how can we help our cats cope with home repairs? Interesting to note that helping our cats feel less stressed during the construction disruption can also help our stress levels. First, it’s important...
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