How To Tell If Your Cat Is In Pain

Cats are known for their stoic nature, so it can be hard to tell if your cat is in pain. Absent a visible injury, we need to rely on their health history and keen observations to better know if our cat is feeling good. We’ve made some painful mistakes on our...

Can Cats Get Sick From Eating Raw Food?

We humans have been conditioned to believe that eating raw food comes with a big health risk, unless it’s sushi. Because we tend to humanize our kitties, we often feel the same risks apply when feeding a raw diet to our cats. Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter...

What Causes Constipation In Cats?

Constipation in cats is often avoidable with the right diet. You can tell a lot about your cat’s health by looking at what is in the box, litter box that is. Just like with us, your cat’s bowel movements can be a predictor of what is going on in your cat’s...

List Of Holiday Human Foods Safe To Share With Cats

Most of us love the holiday season and in our home the kitties do too! Because they are part of our family, we like to spend much of the Christmas holiday spoiling our cats. If you’re planning a holiday dinner, here are some human foods safe to share with cats...
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