Last week I wrote an article about why cats are more difficult than dogs to care for. While my purpose was to dismiss the myth that cats don’t need much attention, I fear that it may steer some away from adopting a kitty. Because of this, I’ve decided to highlight just 10 of the awesome perks to having a cat. Hopefully this will help those who are contemplating a feline addition to their homes.

Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome Pets To Have

  1. Cats are clean animals. Cats groom themselves and it’s rare that your kitty will need your help giving him a bath. They also prefer a clean litter box and their fur always smells good. Since they’re so good at keeping clean, they also feel softer than dogs do. Being a clean person myself, this is an important aspect of feline ownership. 😉
  2. Cats are good for your health. Research shows that having a cat reduces the risk of heart disease in women. It’s also been proven that cats reduce anxiety so, essentially, cats make you healthier!
  3. A cats meow is soft and happy. Would you prefer to hear a cat meow or a dog bark? Enough said.
  4. The purr is soothing and therapeutic. A cat’s purr is so calming for humans to hear that they even have videos of cats purring online to help people fall asleep at night!
  5. They can live a long time. It’s relieving to know that when you get a cat, the likelihood of her living 15+ years with you is probable. If given good nutrition, exercise and lots of love some cats have lived into their 30s!
  6. Cats enjoy their humans more than they do food. Some think that cats are aloof or standoffish, but cats really do love their parents – if you’re good people. Studies from Oregon University show that they love human interaction more than food. Can’t say that for a dog.
  7. Cats use a litter box and don’t need daily walks. While we highly recommend supervised outside time for your cats, it’s not necessary to take them out to ‘do their business‘. This is nice for cat parents in, say, the middle of winter.
  8. Cats are smart animals. I know ours are. Man, they blow me away at how well they know English and pick up on our moods. They know that an earthquake is coming before we even feel it… absolutely amazing! According to Animal Planet, cats are consistently learning and have an excellent memory.
  9. Cats have their own special personalities. I love to sit and watch our cats while they interact with each other or even random items. They are each so quirky and beautiful in their own way.
  10. Cats are simply adorable. The reason cat pictures and videos are so popular on the internet is because they’re so friggin’ precious! If ever I’m in a bad mood it only takes a glance at one of our cats being cute to make me smile again.

If you’re considering adopting a kitty, I highly recommend it. Having a cat as your companion and family member will brighten your life and make you smarter, happier and healthier. Just do it!


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