Cats are often considered ‘low maintenance’ pets because they’re independent animals – but don’t let their stoic personalities fool you. Just because your kitty doesn’t require long walks in the park or frequent baths doesn’t mean she doesn’t need you. Cats need you to be more attentive than you’d think.

What Do Cats Need You For?

Cats are sadly among the most neglected household pets. It’s thought that we can simply throw down some kibble and leave the toilet seat open to keep them alive and happy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like dogs, cats need you to be responsible parents and attentive to their needs. Here’s a list of a few things your cat needs from you.

  1. Exercise. If you have indoor cats, it’s likely that they lay around most of the day. Because we live busy lives, we often forget that our cats are instinctively active animals. It’s important that we provide them with plenty of opportunity to move around and exercise. We can do this by playing with toys, taking them outside to explore (supervised) or even hiding their food and treats around the house. Exercise is very important for overall health and quality of life, so let’s help our cats by keeping them mobile as much as possible.
  2. Nail clipping. Did you know that it’s possible for your cats nails to get so long that they grow back into the paw pads if left unattended? Your cat needs you to clip his nails so as to avoid problems that come with claws getting too long. Clipping weekly is recommended, but even if you can only do this monthly it will help.
  3. Grooming. One thing that makes cats seem “easy” is the fact that they groom themselves and therefore don’t need frequent bathing sessions like dogs do. While they do a pretty good job at keeping their coats clean, cats need you to help remove their excess hair. This is especially true for long haired and overweight cats. They can only do so much and need your help to finish the job.
  4. Eating healthy. Cats in the wild get to pick what they eat while domesticated cats only eat what we give them. Since felines are obligate carnivores it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re getting the meat their bodies need. We want to mirror the diet they would get in the wild, so be sure to feed them fresh food as much as possible.

These are just a few of the ways cats need their parents to attend to their needs. It’s important to also mention that cats need your love too. Let’s do our best as cat parents to provide our kitties with the regular attention they deserve.


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