The number one reason that pet parents put their kitties through the inhumane procedure of declawing is because they’ve ruined a piece of furniture. We should understand, however, that cats use their claws in this way because it provides them benefits. There are plenty of ways to stop your cat from scratching furniture without declawing.

Cats are not attempting to destroy your precious furniture out of spite. Using their claws is an instinctive natural behavior for our kitties. Scratching surfaces helps them shed the old nail layer and keep the new one clean. It also helps them stretch their shoulders and keep the muscles strong. Scratching is also a way to mark territories and it reduces feline stress. Why would we want to deny our cats these benefits?

Now, I’m not saying that you should just let your cats tear up your couch (although we do). If you have expensive or valued furniture, there are ways to prevent your cat from destroying it with their claws.

Tips On How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

  1. Place a scratching post next to the furniture that you do not want scratched. Some cats will prefer the scratching post over the furniture. If your cat still scratches the furniture, it’s likely because she loves you and wants to claim your spot as her territory. Since cats do not understand punishment, when you see this behavior, direct your cat to the post and reward her with a treat each time she uses her claws in the correct way. It shouldn’t take long for her to be trained to stop scratching the furniture.
  2. Put double-sided tape on the outside of your furniture for training. Cats don’t like their claws to be stuck or feel sticky. If you attach double sided tape to the areas of your furniture that your kitty scratches it won’t take her long to find a new, more comfortable spot. Don’t worry, it may look silly for a short time but double-sided tape won’t ruin your furniture.

There are other techniques you can use to stop your cat from scratching furniture, but these two have proven tried and true in the majority of cases. 🙂



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