Ah… Declawing cats. What a controversial issue in the cat community these days. The majority of veterinarians will never speak against it. Why you ask? Because it brings big money into their business. It’s a very profitable procedure. But, if the vets are for it, why should we be against declawing cats?

I’ll tell you why.

Declawing cats is torture. The veterinarian gives the cat strong chemical drugs to put him asleep – then begins sawing into his feet, severing ligaments and crushing bones. When the poor kitty awakes, he is forced to now walk on what is essentially amputated paws. Don’t be fooled if you think that the laser surgery creates a different outcome. The cut may be a bit more clean, but the result is the same.

Lately I’ve read arguments for declawing cats on social media – saying that declawing is the same as “deballing” cats (which I take to mean neutering cats). Fixing a cat and declawing a cat, however, are two totally different things. We all likely know a fellow human or two who has opted to have a vasectomy or tubal ligation to ensure they will not have more kids. But do you know anyone who chose to have their fingers cut off so that they no longer needed to trim their nails, avoiding possible scratches in the future? Probably not. That’s how dumb and ignorant this declawing/deballing argument is.

Declawing cats can also cause several other health and behavioral issues. Infections, lameness, arthritis and nerve damage are just a few of the complications that come from this procedure. Once a cat is defenseless (which is what they will forever feel once they’ve been declawed), they can become aggressive – trying to overcompensate for their missing claws with their many teeth.

declawing cats

Medical Diagram Of How Declawing Cats Works

So if you’re contemplating declawing your cat because of scratches on the furniture or even scratches on your body – think about the cost. And I don’t just mean to your pocketbook once you have to pay for this expensive procedure (and possible corrective surgery), medications and other vet bills due to the side effects of declawing. I mean the cost that your cat will forever pay. We don’t have the right to take this from our cats.

I applaud the states that are making it harder for cat parents to declaw their cats. If you live in a state, like Maryland, who is in the process of passing a bill to outlaw declawing cats, I urge you to contact your congressman or local representative in support of the bill.



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