We used to only groom our cats on special occasion. Once or twice per month, whenever we had ‘down time’, we’d pull out the brush and they would come running. It wasn’t until we learned that we should groom our cats on a regular basis that we upped our game with the brushing time. And what a difference it has made in our house! Here’s 3 reasons you should groom your cat more often than special occasions.

3 Reasons To Groom Your Cat Regularly

  1. Bonding time. For those of us with busy lives, it’s easy to forget to set aside time to spend with our kitties. Grooming your cat on a more regular basis increases quality time, expresses your love and strengthens the bond you have. Our whole family got closer when we started regular grooming time. I think it even increased the bond between our cats!
  2. Reduces shedding and hairballs. Shedding is inevitable during the seasons when cats blow their undercoats. Grooming your cat helps remove that undercoat and reduce the amount of cat hair on your furniture. Obviously, when you reduce shedding you will also reduce the amount of hair ingested. The less hair that’s ingested means less possibility of hairballs. And what cat parent doesn’t want to reduce hairballs? If your cat struggles with excessive shedding and hairball problems, read our blog about other ways to also help resolve this issue.
  3. Helps stop mats and mat sores from forming. We have one cat with a very thick undercoat who is prone to terrible matting. In the past, his mats would get so bad that they caused sores on his skin. That’s just not fair to our kitties. He requires more grooming than our other 5 cats, but it’s totally worth it. He also loves the brush more than the rest!



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