In this day and age, Google & Facebook are the main sources of information for pet parents. Whether it’s on our phones or computers, if we have a question – we simply search it. But is information on the internet fooling us?

When we started this venture into cat nutrition we joined every Facebook group and subscribed to several cat centric newsletters. We wanted to gather all the knowledge we could about the well-being of kitties. Boy, was it overwhelming at first. The information was all over the place!

For example, one article would explain how bad raw eggs are for cats, while another shared convincing information about how healthy raw eggs are for them. To make the issue more complicated, some say that cats should never eat egg whites and others say that they can consume the whole raw egg. When it comes to online resources, how can we know the truth?

How To Keep The Internet From Fooling You

Social media is a great place to go for ideas and opinions. However, any information that is published as fact should be further researched. This also goes for blogs – which is just another form of social media in most cases.

When doing your research, look for 2nd, 3rd & 4th opinions. Check out the credentials of the author or person posting. Do you think you can trust them? Does the information gain more credibility as you cross-reference your research?

Better yet, while researching an issue, start identifying the experts in that field and engage them directly. Know your source! Introduce yourself as a student and build rapport with those wiser than you. It makes it much easier to find a trusted source when you’ve surrounded yourself with experts.

The point is, don’t believe everything you read or hear blindly. That’s how rumors start and confusion spreads. Know your source, trust your source and only believe that which resonates with you.



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